Sweet Revenge Sisters

Winter. Everywhere snow crunching under boots, penetrating the whole body freezing cold, gleaming here and there ice crust on the road. Nostalgia ... I would not come back home, and would have remained there, on the street. But, unfortunately, and most likely, still, fortunately, I have a good reason to come home - my sister Ira.

She is only 15 years, and the character of her for all 20. In addition, she has a beautiful appearance and figure. Besides, she's gone. I would say even more - it is immoral. Yes, she is, but studies in the seventh grade, and already leads us to the guys apartment. And not to deal with homework, and for the most intimate of these goals. Think about it, it results in our shared bedroom with his sister guys, flirting, and even embraces them on my bed. I realized this when, after another came to visit us, handsome, saw her blonde hair on my pillow. No, but generally give! Not only their one bed, and he was still on my coveted.

Basically, it goes one grader - by the way, my age. He always goes full of himself, he builds himself a tough, when I kissed my sister on the lips, but still, I understand it, it was beautiful, and so, it can be a lot. But I was infuriating when it comes from the street, where around one slush begins to mark time in my room. I also then remove all this dirt. But I mean not filed, and tried with him nothing to say. When he comes I always leave the kitchen. At this time in me begins to boil jealousy. I just wanted to shout it - you have it not only forget about it. But I was too afraid of retribution to my sister, who was always trying to publicly humiliate me. She hates me simply! She bitchy character. Since it is impossible to talk about anything, she was always plug my mouth, and covers a ten-mat. And this despite the fact that she was younger than me by three years. Maybe she thinks I'm not worthy of it. Although not a freak. On the contrary, I can be called pretty. Apparently, it attracts the most-most. In general, the relationship I have with her nezaladilis.

So, one day, Ira stayed on with this guy before midnight. I do not know what they were doing up so late an hour, locked in my bedroom. This sweet couple simply would not let me go in there. Yes, and my mother did not come home. It has long had to come home from work. I got tired of waiting until they come out, and began to knock on their door.
- Ira, the door opened to me. I want to sleep.
- Fuck off.
- Hear, open, I got tired of waiting for you already.
- You also said, shut your trap and get out of here. - Answer me this unfinished Casanova.

Here I would like something to answer him, when suddenly the doorbell rang. I realized this is my mother. Great, I thought, now I will dance. I am a firm step went to open the door.

What was my surprise when I saw my mother came in what condition. She was drunk! And strong. And it was some kind of a brutal man with a short beard thirty years.

Going into the corridor with wild laughter, they began to take off their outer clothing. I stood rooted to the spot, had never seen my mother so drunk. Suddenly, as soon as the mother unbuttoned her jacket, I saw that there is nothing for them, except for a red lace bra and some stains on the exposed her stomach. And then I understood why she had come so late. She went to some perverse institution and decided to get to know someone. She got it. Not paying attention to me, they went into the hall.

From my bedroom on tiptoe their way to the front door Ira with the guy. I have decided to hand over his sister. I knew that my mother would be detrimental to reaction to it.

Upon entering the room, I shouted:
- Ira brought guy!

Mom, instantly, it seemed to me, sobered, and went to Ira.
- I do seem to be warned ... For this you will be punished. All winter vacation will be sitting at home in your room!

Mom turned around and went back into the hall.
- I smear on the wall you, you will be at my feet roll. I abused you, wit. You signed his own death sentence, you idiot. - She came down on me.

I did not know what to say, and silently went to his bedroom. Ira said goodbye to her boyfriend and also went for me.

We went to bed in silence. Only the voices coming from the room where our mother spent a stormy night with his new friends, prevented us from sleep. Mom has long divorced, and since that time we often began to drop in strangers. So it was no surprise to us.

In the morning I was awakened by loud laughter. Opened my eyes I saw that in front of my bed, the guy sitting in the chair, that we had yesterday. And in his lap sits my sister, dressed in dark tight-fitting dress on the naked body, underneath I saw her panties. She also had the classic pantyhose dark brown. Nearby sat another. It was a friend of Man's sister. In his hand was a black rubber truncheon. Then I realized that my sister decided to take revenge on me and called the two guys to help. They had just come from the street; they had dirt on the shoes. Suddenly, a second, seeing that I woke up, got his shoes on a blanket and trodden on my pillow.
- Come to me. We will punish you now for what you did yesterday. - Said Irina.

I went. Suddenly, she took me by the head and threw me into her legs. She was sitting in his boots.
- Come lick my feet.

I decided to obey. He reached for her boots. And then I felt that the guy Ira took my hand and led them behind his back and began to hold fast to. I was afraid. But at the same time, I was overwhelmed feeling passion and desire possessed me to fulfill their orders. I could get out and run away, but I too like my sister, and I could not miss the chance to appease her.

I touched his lips to her soiled winter slush rubber boots, and slowly began to drive his tongue over heels. Top-down. Then she lifted her leg and I did the same with the bottom. She was not very dirty. The whole process brought her pleasure. I'm careful and careful licking its grooved sole. My tongue is held on the rough surface of the one recess to another. Her second leg lying on the armrest. I continued. I was still holding strong hands ... At this time, the two men were talking with each other. They obviously liked what was happening. Very excited, Ira man began to unbutton his pants. At the same moment I saw him in the hand of the strong penis. I was immediately excited.
- The creature, - he said to me going up to Ira, - lay down on the bed.

Then, his friend pulled me down on the bed, took a rubber truncheon and abruptly brought it to me in the mouth. Then he began to move rapidly back and forth, I felt my lips touch rubber. Then the movement changed to slower. It was the peak of pleasure. I felt a little fear, but continued to be in such a state.

At this time, Ira and her boyfriend began to kiss each other. Then he gently lowered her panties and entered his penis.

I do not know how much all this was going on, if not call a cell Irina guy. I did not listen to the conversation, but he knew only what they need urgently to go somewhere. They began to gather. Ira remained. She asked me:
- Did you like it? I saw that you were good.

Getting up from the bed and adjusting myself, I asked her another question:
- Tell me why do you need all this was?
- I wanted you to teach. - Said she was buttoning her bra. - Now you have realized that you can not joke with me?
- Sorry. - I replied.

At the same time our conversation ended. She began to gather; He picked up his jacket and wanted to leave. But he turned around, walked up to me and kissed me on the lips. I immediately felt the alluring scent of perfume from Dior, who departed from her jacket. I wanted to touch her hand over her gorgeous buttocks, but did not, she turned and walked to the door. Finally she waved a pen and left.

After this incident, my sister and I rarely conflicted. And she began to respect me anymore. But all she has remained the same as always ... bitch.

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