Confessions of a cheesy boy. Part 4

In the same summer at the end of third grade, at the age of ten, I received the first experience of sexual intercourse with the opposite sex. Many years have passed, but still remember the smallest details, as if it happened only yesterday.

The day before the end of the shift in the pioneer camp, I contracted dysentery and fell to the district hospital for infectious diseases. The hospital that was in the park, or even in a mountain forest, where, interspersed with huge old trees were growing fruit trees and low bushes. The children's ward was a old one-story barracks. Facilities, that is a sink with cold water under a canopy and a pit toilet was outside. No soul, no sewage system was not in sight. It was a hot southern summer, of course, not a killer, as in this desert town, but still very hot. In the House, of course, also it was hot and stuffy, dark flies, and all had to suffer, lying under the dripper.

Patients in the ward was a little, mainly mothers with small children. My peers were not, except for a tall, slender, quite beautiful, blonde girls older than me with big blue eyes from a neighboring chamber. She constantly staggered to separate and often came into my room. We met - her name was Tanya, she lived in the district center, finished the sixth grade. She was then 13 years, the increase was just above me. My height at that time was more than 150 cm, I was the highest in the class and in group summer camp and looked older than his age. Tanya was a sociable girl, and since no one else suitable to her age was not in office, began to spend almost all the time next to my bed. In the early days it was very bad and I kept lying under droppers. The parents were away, working, and to come take care of me could not.

Tanya took care Care: bring water from titanium, cleaned the dishes, I read books, chatted about something. I'm a little embarrassed, because I talked to a girl for the first time so close. In our school the girls had been considered second-class citizens, and make friends with them was shameful. But gradually the embarrassment is gone, the girl was very easy to communicate, it seemed to me that I know her whole life. A neighbor in the ward - said mother with a child, Tanya from a dysfunctional family, it should have long ago to write, but her mother went into the bout and almost month can not pick up daughter from the hospital.

When I felt better, we have to walk together in the hospital park, pluck the fruit from the trees (this is, after dysentery!), Rave and play various games. In the infectious diseases hospital all her clothes were taken and given hospital, which changed every week: girls - overlaundered robe of indeterminate color, the boys - blue satin shorts and a T-shirt filthy pants color. As such, we ran around the park. Sometimes I forget that she is a girl, and treated her like a kid. The park was great, running, here it was full of hiding places and complete freedom for games. Once, when we were in the far corner of the park, Tanya suddenly suggested:
- Show pipisku!

I was taken aback by such a proposal. I'm embarrassed to show their genitals opposite sex, even my mother.
- I can not - I bleated.
- Why? You do not have pipiski? - Tanya asked.
- Of course I have! Show you the first!
- Let's go into the bushes, - she said.

We went into the thicket of a bush. Tanya unbuttoned her hospital gown and prispustila knit pants pants color. Before me appeared some hairy cactus. All causal place from the pubis and below was completely covered with thick black hair. I see something that was not possible under the coat From the height of my height.
- Now you! - Commanded the girl.

My friend got away from it all, and I was ashamed to show it in its entirety, and pulled it out only partially.
- It's not fair! Show all!

I pulled the panties to her knees.
- What it's huge! Like guys! Other boys less! - Tanya wondered, looking at my standing member. Its length while in a standing position reached almost 12 cm, but the pubic hair was just a light fluff and a few dark volosin.
- What do you see from other boys?
- You can touch it? - I responded with a question Tanya.
- And me?
- Touches - allowed Tanya and spread her legs.

I squatted down, climbed to her between his legs and began to examine. The show was interesting, I saw all her "charms" in full glory: all in some folds of which hung down and ended with jagged edges, resembling a cockscomb. Parting them, I saw a pink slit-like hole, and was surprised that she was much more to my hole pipiske, pointed back and asked:
- You're there to write?
- Well, yes ... of course! - Somehow surprised the girl said.

The color on the genitals different from the rest of the body colors: there was some unpleasant reddish, crimson color. All this economy, as I said, it was densely covered with long black hair and a little wet with sweat, as was the heat. Although her head she had light brown hair, but the hairline on the pussy was somehow bright black color, that I remember, was very surprised. The first type of female genital I did not like. What a contrast between the sexual organs and their owner - a very beautiful girl.

At that time I was not the first time seen close girly sexual organ: in kindergarten playing with the girls in the "show" and "touch me". But those girls were neat pisechki without a single hair from rovnenko slits and no creases. Now I understand that this increased Shaggy and "thick-lipped" intimate space a rarity even for adult women, not something for the thirteen girls.
- Now I see! - She said.

She stood in front of me on my knees and took the dick in his hand. Then he pulled the foreskin back and bared head. She then made several reciprocating movements sandpaper.
- And you still do not cum! - Categorically said Tanya.
- Why? How do you know?
- You do not have hair on pipiske - means - no cum!
- As there is no! And this? - Offended I said, pointing to a few of their volosin pubic.

I felt ashamed that I do not cum, little hair, and I do not know these basic things, that there is a connection between the pubic hairline on and cum. At this time, near heard voices have interrupted our discussion. This we called on the procedure. Tanya quickly pulled the panties and fastened the gown. I also quickly brought myself up, and we went to the office.

All night the abundance of impressions, I could not sleep - was excited to digest what happened, I was tormented by a strong riser. Gushed memories of my first experiments to study the genitals of the opposite sex, which took place when I was in the preparatory group, a few months before school.

Once dropped into kindergarten restroom to wash my hands, I instinctively looked to the right, where a kind of pedestal located, set into the floor toilets, and was stunned when he saw something. Battened down the hem of the summer dress, and went down to his knees white panties, over one of the toilets sat the most beautiful girl in our group by the name of Carolina. Trickle a murmur ran down the toilet, and all of its causal place was in sight. The teacher forbade us to spy on girls in the toilet, and I, like a good boy always fulfilled this requirement. But in this case it was a girl that I really liked, and I froze at the unexpected sight of a column can not come off. And the girl, as if nothing had happened, continued their work ...
- What are you looking at? - She asked. - Come my hands ...

While I was washing my hands, Karolinka finished their work and left the toilet. I knew that girly pussy different from the boyish, but never thought about what the girls between the legs, and why do we need this distinction.

The same day, during a quiet time (our beds stood side by side), I turned to the side and whispered:
- Karolinka, and why you have nothing between their legs?
- There, just you tube, and the girls chink ...
- What chink? .. Look, show me ... eh?
- You Th, fool or what? Now whether that! Anyway I will not show ...
- Okay, then let touch the ...
- How? The teacher will notice ...
- Come on, I'll put his hand under the blanket and touch ...

Caroline paused and said:
- Okay, just a short time, and then you give me touch ...
- Well, - I answered, - you only lowered her panties, so it was easier to me.

Girl little tricky, and I slowly pulled his hand under the blanket to her. Thrusting his hand into her panties, I groped for a long time over her stomach and the body has not yet stumbled on something soft and warm.
- That's her?
- Yes, come soon ...

However, I was curious to feel something that is at the Caroline in shorts, and I was not going to stop.
- Okay, enough, - he hissed the girl and jerked my hand. - Now let me.

Before I knew it, Karolinkina hand was in my shorts and her fingers wrapped around my pisyun, was nice.
- And why do we need this bag? - Caroline asked, feeling my testicles.
- I do not know - I answered honestly. Many times I myself thought about it, without finding an answer, and ask someone dared.
- There are two inside some ball - noted the girl, still feel my farm.

From its manipulation was very nice, and suddenly I felt that the lower abdomen tense and pussy began to move and harden.
- Oh, what's wrong with her? - Asked Karolinka.
- I do not know ... - I stammered, frightened.
- Well, - said Caroline, taking his hand out of my pants. - Let's sleep.

I have noticed that in the morning when I wake up, my pisyun stiffens and hardens, but once again comes to the normal state. In the quiet hour, I could not sleep, thinking why boys and girls are different pussy and what happens to my own.

After a while, we then another Vitalka playing in the yard. Soon we were joined by Xenia - a girl from our house. She was a year older than us and has been first class. Typically, with the girls we did not play, but this time the other guys were not, and we began to play with her in some children's games. When we were outplayed in all known games, Xenia offered:
- Let's play in the "show."
- How is it? - We asked to Vitalka.
- Let's take, who turns out - that shows pussy - explained Xenia.

The game was strange, we do not know how we feel about it.
- What is right here?
- No. I know a secret place, - said the girl, and took us to adhere to our "Khrushchev" frontage.

Dense thickets hedge almost three meters tall reliably hide us from prying eyes. Inside the front garden had been dug into the ground bench and table. Calculate: the first had to show me, the second - Acne, the most recent - Xenia.

I was curious, and I quietly pulled the shorts, and then lowered his pants and emptied pisyun out. Then Acne also pulled his farm.
- Let's be compared - suggested Vitalka.
- How?

Few stood silent, putting our pussy each other: they were about the same, and then Vitaly said:
- Ksenia, compare ...

Ksenia approached us and took a long look at our merits, took in one hand my pipisku to another Vitalkinu, and their long twirling this way and that. Then she pulled the skin of our pisyun ago on my completely naked red head, but only a small hole opened on Vitalkinom.
- Why Vadik done so, and Vitalik - no? - Ksenia surprised.

We were silent, not knowing why. Grabber she was wet and warm, I liked it and my pisyun tightened and increased in size.
- Oh! What is it ?! She became more and hard! - The girl exclaimed. - Do not bend, - she added, trying to bend my boyfriend.
- I, too, it happens! - Vitalka said. - But now that it is impossible. How are you doing? - He asked me.

I could not answer them nothing, because did not know what was going on with my penis.
- Still have Vadik more - said Ksenia, examining every detail pussy.

And then Ksyusha sat on the table and took off her panties, spread her legs. We Vitalka long viewed with interest and touched her crack. Xenia told us that when she touched "here" becomes a pleasure. So we sat up late at night for a long time considering and examining the genitals of each other, until we were invited to their homes.

Tomorrow I waited all day, but when we go again with Tanya for a walk in the park. (Walks were allowed only after a quiet evening hours.) During the day we met, talked to her many times, but did not recall what had happened, as if nothing had happened.

Once again we went to the hospital park, we are not saying a word, just moved to the far corner of the park, where they were the day before. By the way, I had a premonition that will be on and my cock stood up spontaneously. We again went into the same thicket of bushes. This time, she immediately took off her panties and put them in the pocket of his robe. Then undid the robe, and just now I noticed her small breasts just beginning to fill with small pink nipples. Tanya removed her gown and put on his head and offered:
- Undress. ... Let's lie down naked .... I love lying naked ...

The proposal was, to put it mildly, not ordinary, but still I have a little hesitation, took off the hospital's jersey with shorts and lay down next to her. A few minutes later we were lying side by side in silence at his side, face to face, arm in arm. Feelings were unusual, I never lay in an embrace with the girl (and a boy too), had something nice to feel the other person. Then she kissed me on the lips, thrusting his tongue inside. It was not very pleasant, even disgusting. I had never kissed on the lips, and did not like when my mother or other relatives even kiss me on the cheek.
- Ugh, you do not even know how to kiss! - Noted the girl and began to teach me. - Relax your lips! Suck my lower lip! Poking tongue in my mouth! Like this!

I dutifully fulfilled its "instructions". In the meantime, she slipped my knee between her legs and began to rub his farm. I felt on his thigh her hairy pussy.

Then Tanya took my hand in his, put my hand on his farm. The sensation was new - the first time I was holding a hairy pussy hot maiden. Girl, holding her hand on mine, began to drive her, making the rotational movement.
- Oh ... So good ... - she kept saying.

After a while Tanya stuffed my two fingers in his mouth, and naslyunyaviv them, put on some sort of seal on your pussy, feels like a ball.
- I like to touch the pimpochku ... When I touch it becomes very nice ... - whispered in my ear, Tanya.

She began to drive my fingers on this "pimpochku", sighing loudly and squirming.
- Vadik, I want you to do what makes Uncle Tolia ... I love it so much ... I am from so this bastard ...
- Like this? - I asked.
- Lick my pussy ... and then I suck your ... - Tanya offered.

I did not want to do it, and wanted to go under some plausible pretext, since it does not befit a normal boy even just to make friends and chat with the girls, even with beautiful, not to mention the fact, to lick them into my the then concepts recording. It is also feared that she deceives me - all of a sudden after I otlizhu her, will not suck me and make me a fool.
- Come on, please! - Asked she lay on her back, legs apart and bent.

I stood up, looked around. Most of all I was afraid that someone would catch us in the act, and then the shame will not be gathered. But there was not a soul, and that happened in the bush, it was not visible even from several meters. I reluctantly bowed over her hairy economy and began gently licking pubic hair.
- Here, - she said, and handed my head down below.

I could do nothing else, you start to lick the crease near her holes. I must say that her pussy was a sharp salty-sour taste and a rather unpleasant, not to say disgusting smell. As I said, the hospital had no shower, no bath, and did not even have hot water. Therefore, neither bathe nor wash wear there was no way, and people were here for a long time. I do not know how it is planned to solve the problems of hygiene. I must say also that the shorts have Tanya was not the first freshness, and the hair on the head, too, unpleasant smell.

I'm trying to ignore the disgusting smell and taste, stupidly continued to lick her vagina all entirely up to the crotch like a dog bowl, not knowing anything about the clitoris and other erogenous and other points. In addition, her hair caught in my mouth and had to spit them periodically.
- Lick pimpochku - she asked, extending his fingers the folds in place of their convergence.

My eyes opened a little red ball that looks like a miniature glans penis. I began to lick the ball, Tanya became even more sigh and squirm, and after a while just zadrygalas in convulsions. I was frightened:
- What happened to you?
- Do not stop! - Literally, and she ordered her hands sharply tilted my head between her legs.

I continued to lick the "pimpochku" Tanya continued to squirm and sigh, and then I noticed that out of her cunt began to stand clear liquid.
- Stick tongue in the hole! - Again by fiat tone she asked.

I submitted this request-orders and put tongue into her cunt. Surprisingly, almost all of my tongue crawled there, as opposed to the anus, which is only the tip of the climbs. The taste of the liquid was like the taste of semen, but not as sharp and odorless. (By that time I already tried the sperm of my older friend Boris). I did reciprocating tongue into her hole. Suddenly, Tanya said:
- I want you! Come to me!

Again she took my head in his hands, pulling me up, began again to kiss my lips. I was on her, and felt her breasts on his small, firm tits with hard nipples. Our pussy touched, and I felt their eggs and standing at the top of a member of her hot, wet, hairy pussy.
- Let's fuck! - She said, and took my hand cock instantly shoved himself in the slot. He literally flew back immediately to its full length.

To say that at that moment I was shocked, to say nothing. Ironically, despite his learning and great for my young age experience in "this business", then I do not even know such basic things. All sexual acts that I've seen before, were anal, porn, which we saw with Boris, was about anal sex. I already had the experience of same-sex intercourse with the boys in which, of course, is only practiced anal sex. Also recently in the pioneer camp I saw the sexual act between counselors, but he was in a pose of cancer, which also does not exclude the anal. Until that day, I sincerely believed that "only fuck in the ass." Sexual education was not, the parents ask shame and all "are" information we got on the street. And they were very sketchy and contradictory. Of course, I knew then that the children born from the belly of the mother, and to have to fuck to get pregnant, but where and how - very wrong. I thought I need to enter the penis into the anus of a woman, and for the birth incision on the abdomen and took out the fruit, I could not even imagine that the girls in the pussy can be a hole where you can shove a man's penis.
- Fuck! Move your ass! - Brought me out of torpor voice Tanyushka.

It felt totally different than during anal sex with boys. Inside, it was wet, slippery and not as dense. Member is very easy to go and did not rubbed, not only all my eggs were in its liquid. Tanya continued to groan, sigh and squirm, rolling his eyes and shouting:
- Yet! Yet! My sweet! Faster! Faster! Oh, Mama! Yet!

The behavior of the girls were completely different than the behavior of the boys during anal sex. She stroked, scratched my back, buttocks, moved her hips to meet me, moaning, sighing, screaming and literally jerked in convulsions. I was afraid that her cries someone would hear and we're caught. After some time, her cunt trembled and became undulating movements squeeze my cock Tanya from all forces seized nails into my buttocks and began to cuddle. Some time later, I felt the familiar cramps in the genitals, they were stronger, brighter, but the main thing - very painful. There was some kind of unpleasant sensation in the eggs. I pulled out a member of her and lay down beside him. All my cock and balls were off-white liquid.
- As well ... I caught a buzz ... - Tanya wailed, not paying attention to me.
- Did you not like it? - Hurt she asked, finally looking at me.
- No! Why? Liked!
- You're not finished! I told you that you do not want to cum ... I masturbate ... and suck ...

With that, she grabbed a member, but I escaped - the feeling was not pleasant.
- Do not Tanya, painful ...
- Well OK, whatever you want...

Tanya got up, dressed pants and a bathrobe. We do not have no rags to wipe, wipe T-shirt I was afraid, thinking that it will be seen and understood everything. So we had to wear underwear on their wet genitals.

Go to the office in the office was reluctant, and we went for a walk in the park. I have not been able to recover from the experience.
- How do you know everything? Well, how to fuck? - I asked.
- From camel! All you need to know!
- You that have fucked? - I did not calm down.
- Yes, I fucked! - She said, and told her story.

The first time she was raped when she was 10 years old. Her mother went into the next bout and did not appear at home for several days. It was hungry, she went to the bazaar and began to beg. I drove an old man in the car, asked to help clean the house, feed and promising to give money. But he drove out of town and raped.
- The first time was severely hurt two days of the pussy was bleeding, - said Tanya.
- And why was the blood?
- The girls inside the pussy is such a film-virgin, which, when they for the first time breaks ... fuck hurts and bleeds - enlighten me Tanya.

After almost a year of her mother's live-in boyfriend raped, until it does not put in jail for some crime. She complained to his mother on her that she was beaten and kicked out of the house, saying that she was a slut and seduces the guy. After it around many times raped local punks, yet not for her uncle stood Shreds - the local authority.
- He's a good, feeds, gives money ... and good fuck - Tanya said. - With him to fuck me well, and I'm coming.
- Do girls also end up? - I was surprised.
- Yes. With you, I, too, was good, and I also finished - done in my address a compliment to the girl. - And you've got a big dick, almost like adult men, it is more than that of boys, although they at 14-15 years.
- You're not afraid of getting pregnant? And they lowered you cum? - I have shown awareness, knowing the stories of Boris, that if the girls cum down - they will become pregnant and give birth to a child.
- I menstry only started a year ago, when I just fucked with Uncle Tolia, and he makes me drink bisekurin ...
- And what is menstry? - I asked blankly.
- Menstruation or monthly. This is when the women a few days in the month of pussy bleeding. If menstr yet - then you can not get pregnant, - enlighten me Tanya.
- A bisekurin? - I did not let up, the word etched in my memory for a lifetime.
- This pill such, they need to drink every day ... and you can not screw around and fly.

In the morning pain in the eggs and gone quiet after an hour we were again in my secret place. Once again, we lay naked, hugging, kissing, oral-genital doing exercise, this time she first gave me a blowjob. Sucking it better than Sasha, Edward or Agzam, but much worse than Boris. And then again he had sexual intercourse in the workers 'and peasants' position. And again, we fuck up pain in the eggs. If sex with boys, as soon as I began to feel discomfort in the eggs, immediately stop the act, but here Tanyuha clung to me in the buttocks, not allowing me to get off with her as long as she will not be satisfied.

After that we lost vigilance, lying on her robe and chatting.
- And you once ebalsya with the girls? - Tanya suddenly asked.
- With no girls, only boys, - I said, afraid to seem chode.
- When? With whom?! - Not, she realized.
- The school with a classmate Sasha, and recently in the camp with two boys - Agzam and Edik, - I said, it is prudent not mentioning my senior friend Borka.
- How? - She asked, giving me some squeamish look.
- I fuck them in the ass - I said, realizing that it is possible to admit only its active role.

And I spoke about his active anal victories with Sasha, and Edik Agzam without saying that these three also fucked me and never mentioning Borka, Vaska and boys at a construction site.

Tanya listened, open-mouthed, then he asked:
- And you are not fucked in the ass?
- No! - Without batting an eye, I lied.
- We have a kid in the yard, its all the other guys fuck in the ass. He's a schmuck, one does not communicate with him, because it zapadlo lads fuck in the ass, so do only motherfuckers, - she said, after listening to my story.
- But those who fuck - no motherfuckers? This is not zapadlo? - I asked.
- Pidaras - is one fuck, one ass torn - Tanya explained.
- But the girls you can fuck? - I suggested gently. - It's not zapadlo?
- Uncle Tolia says that it is possible that the guys fuck women in the ass in the days of vagrants, so they do not become pregnant, or during menstr.
- And you yourself fucked in the ass? - I asked.
- Uncle Tolia tried, but could not stick, it was very painful.
- He just does not know how to do it - a connoisseur I said. - You just relax and lubricate pipisku and a hole in the ass with Vaseline - I explained to her the words of Boris.
- And it does not hurt?
- No, even pleasant - losing caution, I said.
- Come on, let's - suggested Tanya, intrigued, and not noticing my puncture.

My cock, already had time to dry and covered with white bloom, from these conversations again came into full combat status. I put Tanya on her stomach. Vaseline or some cream we have with them, of course, was not, therefore, as Boris taught me, I started treating her anus with his tongue. But I long to engage this could not. What I was again unpleasantly surprised - despite her young age, around her anus was quite a lot of long black hair. It was disgusting: neither Sasha nor Agzam nor Edik hairline to the anus was not even his older comrade hair Bori "there" was much less. In addition, as I have already said, the hospital did not have any opportunity to wash or be washed away, so her ass was dirty and unpleasant taste. I naslyunyavil his penis and began to drive them between her buttocks, trying to shove her boyfriend in the hole. But all the time he slipped and suddenly he easily went into something warm and wet at once to its full length. I started doing frictional movement girl zaahala and zavskhlipyvala.
- Do not you hurt? - I asked.
- No. Why should I be hurt, you fuck me in the pussy.
- How?! - I was surprised to stay.
- Let's fuck, do not stop!

I had to continue fuck her in that position until the end, but I was once again struck by how to shove a member of the back to the front hole.

The next evening we went back to our hiding place with the intention to "fuck in the ass." For this I ask of her neighbor in the ward - mother with a child - a little baby cream in the jar out of the medication. After the usual ritual became "lying naked, hugging, kissing," I put her cancer, cream smeared her anus and her boyfriend. Parting with one hand her buttocks, the other began to enter the penis into the hole. But her sphincter clenched tightly, and I remembered that I did in this case, Boris took a member of the left hand and the right Tanya suddenly slapped on the ass. For a split second she relaxed, and at this point my friend went into it almost by half.
- Bolnoooo !!! - She screamed wildly and began to struggle.

I tried to hold her, which was very difficult, because Tanya was quite a big girl. When she stood up to his full height, my penis fell out of it.
- You cho, fool! It hurts because ... - offended voice said Tanya, and seizing land with a bathrobe, instantly threw it on yourself, and walked quickly, buttoning buttons on the fly, even without wearing panties that were in the pocket of his robe.

I put on shorts and a T-shirt, stood up and went to the office. All evening she sulked at me, saying that she "still sore ass", but the next day we had made it up again in the evening and retired to this secluded place.

Once a week we daily engage in sexual exercises, but no anal sex until I was discharged, and the parents do not take me to our sultry and deserted city. Although we exchanged addresses and promised to write to each other, but no one no one wrote. And why: we could not meet, as live far away from each other, and our age did not allow independent crossings. We did not have no love, no romance, no languid breaths and views, we even do not normally kiss, we just played in sex, in adults uncle and aunt. More Tanya I never recovered and the fate of it do not know anything.

Continued: Confessions of a cheesy boy. Part 3

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