Night in a compartment

Night in a compartment
I lost my virginity, being a 16-year-olds. This was quite unusual. The period from 16 to 18 was my primary sexual period of my life. Then everything happening seemed unreal to me that luck, everything turned out somehow by accident. The first time - one of these cases.

That day I went into the compartment. Our city team in kickboxing was returning by train from the regional center, where the competition took place. Not to say that those events, I spoke very well. I then took the 2nd place in his age category, although he could win. In the semifinals, I had a very tough fight, I won literally at the last minute. But then I hurt my knee and was unable to show in the final of all that he was capable. We struggled in the final all the allotted time, but the opponent won on points, although I had a chance to win. When I went home, I can not tell what kind of mood I was not happy, but not gloomy. The coach understood. There were 9 people, we settled for 4 people in the compartment. I put it separately so that teammates do not bother. He went to the conductor and found that in one compartment will not be only in the evening she will sit down, but it's still not 4 people.
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Then came the end of February. But in the train during the day it was very hot. All the people complained about the heat. Then I mentally thanked the coach, that the compartment was no one else. Always hated the constant whining and wailing old woman. It was seven o'clock in the evening. Darkened, the sun was already on the horizon. Read has been very difficult. I lay there staring blankly at the ceiling. Then the door opened and a coupe with the question of "Available?" Came a girl. I looked. The blonde, twenty, with brightly painted lips. Clothing was normal. She put the bag on the seat and asked:
- And that no one else in the compartment?
- No.
- And what is your name?
- Micah.
- Marina And me. You Th so Silent?
- Reluctance to talk.

She grunted and began to disassemble the bag. But it distracted me from my thoughts. When she put the bag under the seat, and some things (bag and a change of clothes) placed on the upper seat, she took off her jacket. I'm a little interested. Thick sweater could not hide good, large breasts, boots were below the knees and legs themselves are covered in transparent tights, so they could safely enjoy. She took the underwear, has posited the conductor, with pillow top shelves, beds and all polusela, polulegla. She took off her boots and stretched. Therefore, it was possible to admire her legs relaxed, because the skirt was not very long. She began rummaging through things and so rummaged for a few minutes. Then he turned on the light. She was delighted, took out a magazine with advertising of women's accessories, and began to read. I also pretended to read, placing the book so that she could not see my face, and he stared at his feet. All this time I was wondering how it is not hot in a thick sweater and a skirt.

Half an hour later I was right. She removed the magazine and asked:
- Is it always this hot?
- I do not know, I do not go train. But today, hot, and like niche will not change.
Then she got up and asked me to get out of the compartment. I went out, and before you completely shut the door in time to see how she takes off her skirt. A few minutes later I entered. She had changed clothes. She took off her stockings and put on skirts instead of tight athletic shorts that hide only half hips. Two girls at our kickboxing shorts are worn, but there is nothing to admire. And Marina was well, very tasty thigh, the skin soft and smooth appearance. But it surprised me. Not knowing the name of such clothes, but something reminiscent of the topic: the body was stretched and did not reach to the navel. So Marina was rather large breasts, and her clothing was stretched. As a result, easily could see the outlines of her big nipples. All this I saw a couple of seconds. The heart was pounding harder. Nothing without showing surprise, I calmly sat down on the seat. Somehow I felt that the evening will be entertaining.

The evening passed quickly. We got to talking. I learned that we come out at the same station. She goes to her aunt. With the work of Marina had problems. For six months she moonlighted as a model in the center, and then there was some scandal, and she was left unemployed. She asked about me. I answered honestly that just took 2nd place at the regional championship in kickboxing. She once looked at me, I did not understand what this opinion.

Outside, it was dark, many went to bed. Marina also said that she was tired, took a blanket and lay down. I had no choice but also to take a blanket and lie down. Half an hour, I could not sleep, and staring at the ceiling. I'm tired, I got up to have a drink. Here he stood Marina and asked:
- Can not sleep?
- No. I'm used to stay up late
- So I have the same strained. Che shall we do?
Then I suddenly remembered the card that would take on the road. I rummaged in my bag and found them.
- Here. You play.
- Oh, come on. In Che shall we do?
- The fool. More than in anything I do not play. A poker just not interested.
- Okay, distributed.
So we played for half an hour. She played the fucking. I stayed seven times. Win only managed three. But then somehow tired. Marina expressed the general opinion:
- Uninteresting somehow just. Maybe in the four-day play?
- No, I'm a fool to bet not play.
- But you said that you know how to poker.
- Well yes. Che will be put?
- And that is not a pity?
- Well I do not know. Can all, on the strip?

I blurted it quite by accident, and he marveled at what was said. I thought that Marina call me a pervert or something like that, but it is somehow strange grinned and said:
- What I want to brag or watch.
- And this is how the card will fall.
On Marina were top, shorts, bra and panties (thong?). On my trowel, pants, T-shirt and shorts. 4 things everyone. We started to play. In one game I was not lucky. I had only one pair, and she had three kings. I took a trowel. She smiled. In the second game she was also straight, but I was lucky I got 4 Jacks. She frowned and took off topic. The sight of her breasts in her bra was just super-duper. I felt like I had not only cheered up ... But in the next game mood fell. I was full of crap, and she had four of a kind. I had to pull the jersey. But in the 4 games I leveled account. I had three aces, and her three ladies. She pulled off her shorts. Now it was only in shorts and bra. I would not hesitate to remove anything else. But her something to remove already cool. In 5 games I blew again. She turned out to be 4 sevens, and I have two pairs: jacks and eights. I took off my shorts. I stayed in his shorts. Marina grinned. But 6 the party was successful. I immediately fell 4 aces. She had three kings. She did not believe, pulled the bra and covered herself. My cock seemed to burst briefs. Well, she did not see it. In the last game before the opportunity to change, I had ten, jack and ace. Marin something was happy. I changed two cards and stunned: come queen and king. Marina, smiling contentedly, posted a 4 aces. I just smiled and laid his cards! Royal Flush! Marina, disbelief, staring, then, as in hypnosis, slowly removed her panties. She was completely naked, though, and were covered.

My cock maximum pants pulled. I could not believe it: a real live girl sitting next to me naked! Yes, we're alone. I stared at her in amazement, until it distracted me. A little plaintively, but she angrily said:
- You're just lucky. Poker is a game of slop. Let the fool. You will Chmyr, if not let me win.
- Okay. And che play again on the strip?
- No. We will play on the desire.

I had a bad feeling. Marina strongly playing cards. I won it in a poker through pure luck. Yes, and a fool on one party a lot of that depends.
- And you can immediately see what desire ... we play.
- Can. If dunesh, naked and go to the conductor stantsuesh in front of her.
I am stunned by such impudence. His head flashed the consequences if I lose. It would probably be a fine or administrative liability, and even worse shame to the whole team. I also decided to try to scare her.
- Okay. But if you lose, you have me otsosesh immediately after the game.
I sarcastically saw her too ofigela. I seemed to be a cultured person. She thought and said:
- Okay. Well, you bastard.
I paid no attention to her. I took a deck, shuffled and distributed. With some relief, I saw that the peak of the trump cards in my six, nine and ace. I showed her the six and went first.

I did not refuse to play the fool, because he hoped to mathematical memory, developed from childhood. If someone thinks that remembering cards in game one on one simple, it is the biggest moron in the world. I determined the order of colors in the color: spades, hearts, diamonds, crosses, and memorizing maps of these suits, who came out of the game. I have evolved a mathematical chain. But I could not remember it all quickly. As the game progresses I often inhibited. Marina felt that I doubt than cover, I laid out on the shelves in my head, all he remembered. Once I almost lost, when she took the card, but I remembered the layout and everything was fine.

When all the cards from the deck came out, we had 5 cards. Somehow we still have big cards. I had two Jacks: trump and Hearts; queen of diamonds, crusading king and ace of trumps. Her cards I have not seen, but felt that she had ten of hearts, the two ladies: trump and Hearts, King of spades and the ace of diamonds. It was her turn. My heart was pounding. If she went to the two ladies, I would have thrown both the trumps and would have lost. But she thought that she was their last throw and went ten. I tipped the relief Hearts Jacks.

It's my turn to go. I trembled when I saw the winning strategy. Then I realized that the desire that I have proposed, can be performed. Member stood up again. I went trump Walt, she repulsed Queen of Spades (guessed that the King beat is not necessary). I threw the lady of diamonds. She knew that I had the ace of trumps and could not fight off a diamond ace. She dropped his last trump: king. I threw it his crusade king. She took the card, and I threw my last card. I won!

She was, somehow not believing anything. She looked at me. I have put a smile in all the malice that was found in me. She once accidentally took his hands from his bare chest, and I found her mold. Big, beautiful breasts with pink, erect nipples immediately initiated me. I tried to remember all the details of it.

And then she stood up. I saw part of her pubis. Curly hair made their way from somewhere in the depths. I'm lost for words. She sat down, put his hand in my pants. I'm a member of literally burning. She pulled it out and after a moment it covered something soft and wet. She sucked me! I believe with great difficulty that I really sucks girl! And she seems to have been an expert in this matter. She took back the skin and gentle, but confident movements sucked my head. Then she put her all my cock in his mouth and began to drive his mouth back and forth, back and forth. It was indescribable. I already groaning from udvolstvie. Then she took in her mouth and even eggs and quickly began to lick them. I was on top of bliss. But soon I felt that a little more and finish. Member further increased. She felt it and quickly began to scurry mouth on my penis: up and down, up and down, back and forth, back and forth. I felt that he was ready to pull. I'm in a strange arched, his teeth white and jet semen poured into her mouth. There were a few hot flashes, I thought it was never finished, and it choke. But then the sperm is over, and I leaned back in the seat.

She swallowed. I sat there, unable to believe that all this happened. She sat next to me.
- You have for the first time was something with a girl?
I nodded.
- Do you even like it?
In my mind it was clear that this is the case and it did not wait for an answer. I looked at her and could not take his eyes off her luxurious body. She smiled.
- You, I see, is not enough.
Suddenly she sat on my lap, fidgeted. I felt my penis rests in her wet cunt. From head quickly took off all thoughts, only excitement came. I did push forward and entered her. Apparently, she was not a virgin, so I felt no barriers. I quickened my pace. The walls of her vagina squeezed my cock nice. I felt a real thrill from the thought that fucking girl. Her shouts of "A-ah," "O-oh," "Yeah-ah!", "Still-ee!" Really wound up, white long hair covered the entire review, even though through them round were clearly visible, breasts, shaking to match my movements. I could not worry that someone will enter the compartment, because the door was closed.

Soon I felt that I finish. However, her orgasm came before I felt her walls clenched suddenly, she arched her back, moaning profusely flowed liquid. I also moaned, warning of the junction, and stopped. She took my cock and abundant liquid jet sprayed on her belly. However, she gently smeared her brought to his mouth and swallowed. Then I asked:
- Hey, why did you do that? We're just playing a blowjob.
- Yes, a guy I had two weeks there was no sex very much. Consider what you've been through face-control.
She stopped and lay down. I went to the toilet. When I returned I saw that she was asleep.
He looked at his watch: three o'clock. Along the way, we have not noticed how turned the lights off. I also went to bed.

Midnight I could not sleep, I thought that I was no longer a virgin. "From the Beginning" - I said to myself. I again and again recalled Marina gorgeous body. Even her regular breathing while she slept, it seemed exciting. But fatigue after the competition and took a jump up, I fell asleep. Waking up, I saw that her things there, I'm the one lying in the compartment. Glancing at my watch, I realized that I had already passed the city in which she was going to go.
When I left the compartment, I saw Garik, a team-mate. Well I did not like his smile, it seemed to me that I look in the mirror.
- What do you need?
- Nitsche. I just suggest to you the next time I found the calf a little quieter.
With these words, he went into his compartment. I do not even know to be ashamed yl proud. Okay, what's the difference, the main thing in this memorable night, I finally became a man.
P.S. All of the events described in this story real. So I did not point out the names of the stations and their location. I also hid and surname Marina. No indication of the individual participants in the story I do not give. Hopefully, readers will not be me angry.

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