Sex education at home

I do not know how anyone, and I first sexual education in the home. We were living in his house in a small working village. I then turned almost twelve. We are with her older sister, who terribly proud of the fact that almost two years older than I was, shared the same room for two. The smaller sister, all Malyavka, sleeping in their parents' room. Dad worked for dalnoboyke not spoiled us with his frequent presence. We somehow got used mostly to communicate with his mother.

Either because the parent was rarely at home, or in order to save manufactured goods, which at the time was napryazhenka, but neither mother nor sister house were not cowards. I was not perceived as a kid, thinking small, and because I often could observe genitals Mamani and sisters. It is difficult to do something on an old dhow in short dress and bare ass. When Dad was not at home on Saturdays, heated the bath, we all went to bathe in unison. Because accustomed from childhood to observe the naked female body, I do not focus on it.

But for some time I became interested in the differences in anatomy muzhchiy and women. Mama, do not have enough apart adults make mistakes, because in the bath, I tried to look at everything that is possible. And Mamkin covered with red curly shoots pubis and sestruhin almost covered with little black hairs start to grow, although the word somehow did not know this at the time. From the boys heard that the male is called a pussy dick and pussy female respectively. That's it, and I tried to make out.

I was very much occupied with the question as women pisya. Well, not all mogug they do sing, but nothing like his cock, I have not found and therefore decided that the way it probably is. My sister, who was sleeping in my room, I often showed their charms, not knowing about it. She fell asleep before me, tossing and turning in his sleep, and often threw off the blanket. Night shirts for some reason tend to his chest and lifted her shirt sisters, but like his mother's, is no exception.

For the time being I'm not bothered. I repeat: I was living in the women's team. Even washing away in the kitchen mother and sister did not make a tragedy and not outraged, when I sometimes went there during etotgo intimate process. That is, the lad lad he is and expect from him something impossible in his early childhood, and unconsciousness. The eldest, my sister had my authority and brazenly enjoyed it, often shifting their problems on my shoulders. In terms of what I could solve. so we lived.

For some time I began to torment obscure desires. In the dream I dreamed something, and I wake up, shows up on his shorts traces of these dreams. I do not remember what I dreamed of, but it was nice. Mama, wiping clothes, drew attention to the spots that my memory ostalyayut erotic dreams. Although some of the erotic can be a speech if I never in my life have not even used for pussy. Zazvat me into the room she gave me an unobtrusive quiz and quickly figure out the origin of the white spots.

Yes me and hide something special was nothing, because I'm used to that we are a single entity. Mom asked me to take off his pants, which I did. Pants also had to be removed, because it needed something there for me to explore. Washing in the bath with his mother, are not going to oppose it, the more that there is nothing to be ashamed of, I have not seen in the desire to see my mother pisyun. Mom tried to strip the head of my segment, but nothing she could not because he did not stand head and did not want zaluplyatsya.

Mash a little treasure of my fingers, my mother has ensured that he got. I even became somehow stydnovato, but my mother knows what to do and so I endured her touch, though it was nice, and the patience it can not go. Zadran pelt and exposing the head, mother several times vzdrochnul my pisyunok and said that everything is fine and the boy grows, will soon be muzhik and mother's helper.

I came to my room, but something is wrong, something is already hvataet.Ya would bruise myself, but Mama was at home and putting things in order, go from room to room. With authoritative sister, I decided to find out from her at the first opportunity. And who was I to know it all, they do not have older and more experienced sister, who, according to her, had already kissed patsanami.Vskore case dropped.

I, almost from the first class, went to the circle of fine arts and good draw. Sister were asked to draw on the history of the knight and the feudal castle for decoration abstract. To whom did she go? It's now climbed into the computer, type in the search engine and print even an army of Charlemagne. Then it was necessary to attach the handle and show diligence and skill. What I did on the first request of the sisters. I usually try to negotiate something under her this thing, and then immediately agreed, pursuing ambitious goals.

It would be this is my quick agreement should have been alerted, but, you see the fate so ordered. Drew and I told her knight, and castle and even some figure, waving a handkerchief from the castle walls. In short, Maroussia tears pouring. Sbatsat we albomchik with its text and my drawings, koi, I added the bounty of their fields and clean places pages essay. Certificate of Merit and a voucher for some kind of gathering brought my sister in good humor. It was time to take the bull by the horns, which I did at the first opportunity, ie staying home with her one-on-odin.mat at work, small in kindergarten, one house movie first.

Starting from afar I asked fate "my" drawing, then gradually moved to my complete and constant readiness always selflessly help his sister, because the native people are obliged to help each other, especially when younger is something ask the elders. In CPSB they can find answers to their questions, they do not have the experienced brothers and sisters. And since God did not give me a brother, the sister of debt to replace it and help the young inquisitive minds. Do not go to me for answers outside to the kid in bad company.

They also learn to smoke. And then I put all the sister that was on the soul of the unspoken burden. I wanted to get an answer from her that, how and why. She ofigela by such impudence, or just did not expect that his brother has grown up and interested in such topics. As she was going to her thoughts, I put another trump card. I told him that my mother watched my pussy and said that now she grows muzhichek. Every mom knows more, I'll ask her, and at the same time take an interest, why my sister, when night rubs her pussy, moaning and tossing on her krovati.mozhet worms ?.

Red face sister signaled that I was a little too far, and I can get some bit of trouble. not allowing her to open his mouth, I asked to see my pussy and explain what there mother discovered. Knocking her crush posba so unexpected, and I won almost won. But I had not thought about it. And then my sister forced me to undress and almost started to show and tell me about my features. Apparently she had heard this from older devchenok can ever Sudachan by women, but there was something she knew.

At least more than me. But I was interested in something else entirely. And sister, considering unnecessary vestige of secrecy between relatives, pulled off her dress and began to show and tell me already about the features of the female body.

That day, I learned what a pussy. That is, I saw live, and even raped the opportunity to push the labia. I saw the clitoris, only then it was called sekil and learned that when his caress becomes nice and you end. I also wanted to come and sister showed the boys how you can deliver a pleasant, massaging their dick. Of course before you take off her dress, she made me sestruha terrible oath of silence even under torture. Then she showed me how she fingering and allowed her to masturbate.

She tells me what to do and I tried. Sister admitted that when I look at her and he jerked off her sekil, it ends much faster and stronger. Then she said, once seen as a mom dad fucked. Now that's interesting. We decided to try it, but she said she can not break the hymen and the need to come up with something else. Once again razdrakoniv bringing her to orgasm and I was promised something todrugoe. The sister lay on her stomach and lifted her ass a bit, and chya climbed on her and inserting a pod between the buttocks, poshorkalsya.

Somehow I did not like what I said. it was dry and painful. Soon, the mother had to come and we got dressed, took poses pioneers and sat solve domashneezadanie.

The next day after school my sister told me that she learned from a friend Val, fuck that big brother, what to do, what to me was nice. It turned out that just need to lubricate with Vaseline buttocks and everything goes like clockwork. And it went well. I brought to orgasm, sister, then, poking between her buttocks, he had finished and we were good. This mystery united us. Then somehow it was not accepted oral sex, otherwise we would porobovali, but it gave us pleasure.

as the sister remained Tselkov, nothing wrong, we did not commit and were not ashamed of each other. Constantly penetrating between the buttocks, again and again I tried to dive deeper. And once proizoschlo what was going to happen. Sis relaxed, I lost kntrol, and perhaps wanted to try something that told Val, giving his brother in the ass, but my huek fell into a hole. At first I did not understand, but then something began to come, and I even stopped, but my sister said that I would be finished soon, because soon her mother will come.

When we eblis and I finished it between the buttocks, we wiped the sperm and she walked podmyvtsya, washing away everything. And then I came and did not even know where I was, until I explained that I fucked in the ass sister. and here I was. I almost became a servant of his sister. For the opportunity to shove his end of it in the ass, I did what she wanted. And then my butterfly stalrasti and plump. Although the hole sisters had already been developed, it became reluctant to expose her to me for ispolzoaniya.

Until then, they believe, chtomy then did the right thing, are not guided by reason, but emotion.

After her divorce from her first husband's sister asked to come help with the repair of the apartment, and the consequences of the division of property. Helped. A few days later in the evening, sitting at dinner and drinking by little, we remembered our childhood and what we did back then. And somehow it happened that decided to recall the old, leaving the rest of the ass, and use the other hole. At that time I already knew something about oral sex and methods of bringing women to orgasm. Looking for a native person, I realized that after her husband left her, having gone to the younger, she had simply to assert itself in the fact that she was still a woman and still desirable and can bring naslozhdenie man.

And we did it, what I do not regret

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