The case of a classmate

Pope repaired her old VCR, but still could not take. They asked me to. Aunt so I fed that week could starve or grow thin. Even given along goodies from their garden. I decided not to wait for the bus, and get out on the track. There you can quickly go to transit buses or minibuses. Go had a couple of kilometers through the woods. I used so commonly done. On the way to me, roughly speaking, impatient, and began to look for, where to sit down, close to the lake saw a tall bushes, they formed a circle, and went there. Then I heard a voice, it sounded strange, seemed familiar. I began to get thick bushes and narrow the gap suddenly saw that inside there are half-naked boys, and among them is my classmate, completely naked, I thought. I was scared and I ran away. When I entered the forest, I met the aunt's neighbor.

He fumbled with his Niva. And he said that if I wait half an hour, he will throw me to the city. I ran to him, somehow managed to say - help, they raped her. And he ran with me. I did not tell the chief, he is working with the police, he was in uniform and armed. One of the boys standing near a lake. Seeing us, he cried, and all his friends began to scatter. The man ran after them, and I found the entrance into these bushes. There I saw my classmate. She reclined in an old chair. It still was wearing panties, I would never wore such. She looked at me without blinking, but apparently did not realize anything. I looked around. The boys dragged to his lair a lot of old furniture, I also saw a guitar. Near girl standing capacity of 5 liters of beer from the top cut off. There was water and a cloth. I touched her friend's shoulder, and I was nearly sick. I touched something sticky. It was thought all this, on the chest face and abdomen. I decided that it should be washed. But the use of the water that was there, I was disgusted. I was with a bottle of mineral water. I soaked his handkerchief and rubbed it. As I have not vomited?

Moreover, I have spent inspection of its intimate space, I pulled the cloth and tried not to touch anything. I had an idea that it is necessary to make sure. I'm not a gynecologist, of course, and in general it is so close, no one saw, but decided that they were there it did not do anything, did not have time, I guess. And the bruises or scratches, it was not on it. I took off her blouse and shrubs skirt, sandals found, there was no bra, probably boys dragged off as a trophy, put it on, it normally stood on his feet, smiling, looking into my eyes, but most of her brain were precisely sedated.
I asked:
They are you?
She laughed strangely:
That I have them all !!
We came out of the bushes, almost immediately we were approached by a policeman uncle. He was breathing heavily:
Fled bastard. Nothing found one - are not going anywhere.

He went into the bushes, came back, began to examine her hands on the folds, she whined, stamping his feet:
Pisya want.
He laughed: Take her back.

And she took a cigarette and went to the lake. I have long and very very much. We sat in different corners. I did not want to look at it. She looked den boys. Unlike a pigsty. There was even a semblance of a garbage can, there was a jar of cocktail, plastic cups, cigarette butts.

Aunt's neighbor was waiting for us near and smoked. He looked worried:
Well, it should take. Do you think that she had the worst is over, there is a girl, is just beginning. Oslavy girl. The bad these things.
I began to ask:
Do not Uncle Victor. I know her. We learn together. I'll take her home.
He paused, and agreed to:
- All the same, it is to disentangle her parents. Let decide. First of all it should be to the doctor.
- Her mother a doctor.
Better. Well, boys, I shall communicate these. Will not go away, they tell that created. Okay, let's go to the track, help you leave. I swallow my long stalled.
Uncle Victor caught a private trader:
- A friend of the girl then became ill. Throw to the city.
No problem, Commander.

As we drove, I was afraid that her sick in the car. My condition was no better. In horror I came. I went many times in this forest. If I were dragged into those bushes. What I could do.
Another thought with horror that will, when I bring her home.
I decided to postpone this point and give her a little bit to recover. At home there was no one, has got her into the bath then it began to vomit, I dragged teapot and cup, she drank and burps. Horror. Then I made it with all off and get into the bath. She did not resist. Its stuff I threw in stiralku a quick wash. She was sitting in a bathtub covered in foam (I go there poured foam bath). And he looked at me wildly. I asked, she can wash.

She nodded, and I came back half an hour later with a towel. She stood in the shower, hands covering his face. I asked:
- You pomylas?
She got out, dried off and went to my dad's robe. I stroked her things, and she was sitting in a chair and stared at nothing, then dressed and drier hair dryer with the same look. I was going to spend it. She said:
- Do not. I myself.

Before school I have not seen her. And the first of September, did not immediately recognize. She changed her image - postriglas promelirovalas and was in a classy trouser suit. Behaved normally has fun with me greet quick despite the eye.

And so it went throughout September. Somewhere in the beginning of October, she suddenly called me. I sat there, did my homework, and was surprised. She asked:
- You are alone? Can I come?
Mean it was worse than ever, as it was then when she left me that day.
She sat in a chair and still could not start. I tried to help:
You're due for the day?
And then it burst. She sobbed:
I can not, I can not anymore. I do not sleep, do not want to live. I somehow managed to calm her down. She poured valokordin.

She sat there, staring at me like crazy while in the bathroom.
Today I wanted to jump out of the window. If the mother was at home, everything would have told her. I hugged her shoulders:
- I thought you could forget.
She laughed strangely:
- Forget? I am afraid of all men, I start to feel sick when they are near.
- You're not in no way to blame?
- But who - just me. Dura.

She was shaking, I wrapped it in a blanket and poured tea.
She looked at me somehow to blame:
- You do not know what happened.
- I guess
- No you do not have enough imagination.
- What do you got there?

Itself has come. It all started well. Such a good day. ***** You know, and her boyfriend. Here we are with them early in the morning and went to the CDC, and then the movie would stroll along the promenade. There with them acquainted. Such a nice guy and so courting. I was treated to juice, ice cream, and I melted. You know me. He was 18, and talked to me as an equal, and so viewed, such eyes. She said I did not want to hear it. I do not know why? But I was silent, listening and expressing concern and sympathy. I can not say that I write exactly as she said. But I remembered.

Her story in my retelling:
We were walking together along the waterfront, ******* and his friend went home. He talked about music invited to the concert.
I wanted to drink, he bought juices in cans. I then thought that this juice. And the taste was pleasant, very cold. I asked - I smoke, I said that I wanted to try some cigarettes, but they are expensive. And he immediately went to the supermarket, and I with him, he said - what I like me a beer, I pointed to the most expensive. He bought 5 bottles, those cigarette lighter and cool. We went out he said that if I did not want to go against me in one beautiful place. I agreed. Well, do not fool?

He caught a wheelbarrow, and so I ended up in the line. We walked by the lake, talking, drinking beer. Then he went into those bushes, sat, I smoked, and then the boys began to appear. Somehow I was not surprised. They greeted him with me. There were 6 in the end, in addition handsome. They were my age one older and one younger. We talked, had fun. Even singing with a guitar, I smoked your are some cheap. I drank and the beer, and juice from the cans. And they are cheap beer from a large 5 liter bottle. The boys went swimming back, did not dress, sat around in a bathing suit wet. I said that it is good. One and he said - well, take off your shirt, do not worry. I type so I have nothing there. He figushki itself to the chest, and so also does nothing grew still.

I do not know what came over me. I took off her blouse and threw the bush. And I am sitting without a bra fool. And they clap wow super and all that. A fool me nice, I did so the body from side to side. Idiot. We even had a beer and then began all sorts of other songs criminals obscene. I fool them sing along, laughing. Most went to the roof, sing, I took off her skirt and shook her head over and tossed. That was then dense fog.

They are my legs and ass praising. And they drank and sang what song it was, and there all
X x .. yes .. and I sing as a kid type and you live x saw a fool I am lying, I saw it as my n .. showed?
Stop I can not - showed.
They are, as we will show. I command - all undress. 3 seconds in front of me naked men 7. We were already 4. I sat in the chair and spread her legs unbent tissue. And I look at them. Eyes huge I saw the others stood.
And here my naked hunk comes to me with a huge sticking out, I fall on my knees in front of him, taking one hand on the testicles and the other by the barrel sponges begin to caress the tongue head.
She looked at me and asked: - you are not sick?
- Me not.
- And in me. She finished her tea and went on.
I did not expect that it is so much of it. Basically, all fell on his face and chest. I closed her eyes, when she opened her eyes, she saw in front of him sticking pisyun youngest and laughed and took it into his mouth and began to drive all the lips here and there, when he had finished, giving the teeth and swallowed. I asked another beer, washed down. Then there were the others, I did as a second and drink. I was not disgusted. I was...
She paused.

Then I felt nothing, I almost passed out. Then they put me on the chair. I saw it all, and remember, but to do anything she could not just lay there and watched. My handsome dressed and instructed the boys - play with it, but there's even a finger touch. After playing, wash and dress her, and shall bring to the country. And that is not a bruise on it without a scratch.

The boys pulled off my trunks, pushed his feet, but did not exactly touch a finger. Just stood and watched and jerked off, finishing at me, he said that under - can piss on it, but I got it in the neck. They pulled on my panties, got dressed, brought water and then fled. Then you came. That happened to me this shit.

I did not know what to say. There was disgusted and sorry for her. Words were found, of course, I was even sincere. She is now much better. It is on the tip of my involuntary found his method of psychotherapy. Chat online with people who have experienced something similar.

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